Our Stories


Since 2017, Laxmi has had passion to invest in beauty world, and we were so lucky to find masterpieces in Hong Kong, in order to gather them all as an exceptional collection. the quality, uniqueness, fascinating design have been assembled in a masterpiece as mesmerizing piece of art. it is not only a watch it is a perfect balance of beauty and function, the best material in the shape of perfect design that’s what we call, Laxmi.

Laxmi Watch

Story of Us

Every person has a sign of his or her own, a sign that comes before and then it leaves after that person, some people choose this sign intelligently, which makes it totally different from others, it can be any part of your style, it can be something comes with your name and some mesmerizing thoughts in people’s mind, it can be significant, it can be blessed with the name of the Goddess of fortune, beauty and property (Lakshmi), then it must be Laxmi.